Green Travel

There are many ways that you can travel green, on your next holiday why not try some of these environment friendly ideas.

Before I travelled to South America for my holiday I made shore that I turned off and unplugged all appliances in my house. By doing this it will not only be great for the environment but also reduce your next power bill while you are on holidays. The reason for this is that electronic devices while on standby still use a huge amount of power.


To cut down on your carbon footprint while you are on holidays use public transport if possible. Instead of flying travel by train or bus if possible. If you are travelling in your car and have room take some bikes with you. Bikes are a great way of getting around while on holidays. It is great exercise and if you have children they will enjoy the experience as well. A lot of towns and cities now have bike tracks built for bike riders to use while exploring their attractions.

If you are going to fly to your holiday destination then try to book direct. By doing this you will by travelling greener, because it takes a large amount of fuel to take off and land each time. So not making stop over's saves fuel and helps to cut down on your carbon footprint.


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When you are packing for your holiday, it might be a good idea to pack as light as you can, it will make it easyer for you to get around. You can always purchase extra clothing if you need it from the locals. This will help the local people and their economy.

Places to stay

For some accommodation ideas there are some great environment friendly hotels and resorts to stay in. Just visit Green Hotels Association for some great holiday ideas.

There is a new type of tourism that not everyone would have heard of, it is called Geo-tourism. The National Geographic explain Geo-tourism as tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place. Its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture and the well-being of its residents.

National Geographic's Center for Sustainable Destinations have signed geo-tourism charters with a large amount of tourist destinations like Romania, Norway, Honduras, the Cook Islands, Montreal, Guatemala, Senora and Mexico. There are many more signing up all the time now, Just check out the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations web site for more information.




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