Green Technology

I think that a lot of people will be surprised to hear that the energy used to power their personal computers, web servers and computer data centres produces around 2 per cent of green house emissions globally. That is more green house emissions than air travel globally produce.

With more people globally starting to use computers this is only going to increase. But it is not all bad news, with technology improving every day solar panels are getting cheaper. I know at the moment not everyone can afford to install solar panels on their house. But there are still some easy ways you can cut down on your carbon emissions produced by your computer.

When you are not using your computer make sure that it is turned off. Or you can make sure that your sleep mode for your computer is on. If you are not using it for a while it will go into sleep mode and use less power. If you need to do something else like cook dinner or do the washing but you don't want to turn off the computer it is a good idea to turn your computer monitors off. This will save on power until you start using your computer again, any little bit helps.

If you are looking at purchasing a computer and do not need the high end performance that you get from a desk PC. Then it might be a good idea to purchase a laptop, they use less power than a desktop PC. The only disadvantage that laptops have, they are a lot harder to refurbish and upgrade.




If you have a laptop or decide to purchase a laptop there is a fantastic bit of kit you can purchase for charging your laptop. It is a Solar Battery Charger, it is not cheap to buy. Prices are around $105.00 to $500.00 so they are not cheap. But if you seriously want to cut back on your carbon foot print then this is the way to go. Depending on which one you buy, you can not only recharge your laptop but recharge your Notebook, Mobil phone, iPod, 3G iPhone, PDA, MP3, MP4 player, PSP, NDS and GPS.

Again depending on which one you buy, they can store up to 12 hours of battery life and also if it is a cloudy day you can charge it from your cars cigarette lighter. You will no longer need to pay for power to run your laptop with this great bit of kit.

Solar Charging Mobile Phone

Singapore has just announced it's first Solar Charging mobile phone, It has a solar charging battery that takes around 24 hrs to fully recharge. The phone has a standby and talk time of up to 200 hrs each. It also has a shock proof rubberised casing. At the moment Nokia has no solar charging mobile phones on the market yet. To find out why just click on this link Nokia Explains.

A company called SoL Marketplace has a Solar Charging Case for iPhones and iPods. It is priced around $90.00 and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs and iPod Touch 2g, 3G.

The battery that is installed in the case will extend the battery life of the iPhone or iPod Touch by 300% and the case stays cool and never overheats. The case battery will charge three times faster than a wall charger. Another great thing is that the cases battery will charge by sun light and indoor lighting



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