Green Pest Control

It is very important to control pests around your house without using pesticides. Not only does it help the environment but it will also protect the health of your children. The National Academy of Science advise that children are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals and pesticides than adults are. As children are growing, their bodies are in the middle of a highly complex development process and are very vulnerable to toxic chemicals and pesticides.

There are many ways you can keep pests out of your house without using toxic chemicals and pesticides.

You can first walk around the outside of your house, checking for any openings in the walls. You may have openings in the walls from piping or wiring from hot water service or gas bottles. All you have to do is just seal these openings and it will stop pests like ants, wasps and spiders from entering.

Make sure that there are no holes in the wire screens of your doors and windows. If there is it will only take a short time and very little money to patch the holes yourself.

Have a look at all your outside doors, check if there is any light showing from under your doors. If there is just install door sweeps on the bottom of your doors. Just go to your local hardware store and they should be able to assist you with the correct door sweeps to use. This will stop any unwanted pest's entering your home from under your doors.

To stop pest and rodents from entering through attic, roof and crawl space vents. You can just purchase some hardware cloth from your local hardware store and place it over the vents. Fresh air will still be able to flow through the hardware cloth covering your vents.

Walk around your house regularly sweeping down cobwebs, by doing this it will chase away spiders. Spiders will not stay in an area if they are continually harassed. This will stop the need to spray your house with chemicals to rid it of spiders.

If you mix 20% dish soap, 40% alcohol and water it will create an effective insect spray.

You can use salt water to kill snails and slugs in your garden and around your house. You can use rosemary as a flea and tick repellent for your pets.

If you are placing a garden close to the wall of your house make sure that you do not use any chip wood in the garden because this will attract Termites and then they will travel from your garden to your house.

Termite Monitoring and Baiting

To kill Termites you have some choices, they are XT-2000 orange oil plus or the chemical option. Which ever option you choose you can limit it's use by one simple method. This is acheived by setting up Termite Monitoring Stations. You can set these Monitoring Stations up your self but I would advise you to get a professional termite exsterminator to set up your Monitoring Stations. They will know where and how to place them correctly.

Basically the Monitoring Stations are small, cylindrical in shape and are installed around the perimeter of your property. They are placed in areas that are conductive to termite foraging. Once they have been installed your job is to check the Monitoring Stations regular for any termite activity. If you discover any termite activity then bait will be applied to the stations, which worker ants will ingest and then carry back to the nest. When this happens the entire colony will be exposed to the poison and die.



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