Green Homes

There are many ways you can make your home more environmental friendly. It all depends on your budget, the average income earner I expect would not have a lot of spare money after paying all their bills.

But it does not matter how much you spend, any little bit helps to reduce your carbon foot print. The first small change you can make If you have not already, why not change your toilet to a dual flush model. This will give you two different flush settings, one for a large volume flush and the other for a small volume flush. By using the small volume flush most of the time, you will greatly reduce your water consumption over a year.


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If you are thinking about remodelling your house and decide to start with your floors, you have a few different options. The best environment friendly way is if your floor is wooden and in good condition. With some hard work you can bring life back into your old floor boards.

Another environment friendly option you have is to use cork for your floor. Cork is a fantastic natural looking material and it uses no toxic adhesives when being laid in place. It is very durable and comfortable to walk on. When thinking of cork what might first come to mind is the cork you see on walls or bulletin boards. You can forget about that, the type of cork they use for floors look amazing. It comes in wide range of colors and designs.

Eventually parts of your house will need to be painted again. It is not all that expensive to paint your house yourself and it is quite easy as well. You first need to choose the correct paint to use. You should make sure that the paint brand you choose uses only non-VOC or Non-Volatile organic chemicals. A great deal of paint brands use high levels of VOC's which is not environment friendly and is also bad for your health. You might have to do some research to find a brand of paint in your area that has no VOC's or have very low and reduced levels of VOC's. Your local paint supplier should be able to advise you which paint brands do not have VOC's in them.

If you don't have the finances yet for the above home improvement projects. Then there are still areas you can make environment friendly without spending a lot of money. You can purchase Organic Bedding for your family. This type of bedding is chemical free so you will be able to sleep in piece. Knowing that you and your family are sleeping in a lot safer chemical free bed. The reason to buy organic bedding is that a great number of bedding products are treated with a chemical called formaldehyde. The chemical formaldehyde is used to make bedding feel soft. The only thing is that it is a highly toxic chemical and very hazardous to your families health and the environment.

Furniture is another thing to look at, instead of purchasing brand new furniture. One option could be visiting Garage Sales, Auctions and second hand shops. This is a great way to pick up cheap second hand furniture and by recycling old furniture you will be reducing the demand on our forests. Now days a lot of affordable furniture is made pretty flimsy and is not made to last. If you want good quality furniture that is solid and will last a long time, you would be looking at paying into the thousands of dollars for it. So my advice would be to check out your local garage sales, auctions and second hand shops. You are bound to pick up some nice old furniture that you can sand back to look brand new for the fraction of the cost that a new one would be.




Here are some things to think about when choosing lighting for your house. If you are going to paint rooms in your house, look at using light colors. Light color walls will reflect light, so this will reduce the amount of lights you need to install, thus saving you money and helping the environment.

There are a lot of different ways you can use your lighting more efficient, like installing dimmer controls, multiple switches and motion sensors. By installing dimmer controls can help you save money and help the environment by using less energy and your lights will last longer. Motions sensors are a great energy saver as well. Install one at the front door of your house so the light will only turn on when someone is at the door.




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