Green Family Care

There are some amazing environment friendly body products for sale all around the world. I had the opportunity this year to visit the Olive Oils Soap Factory that is situated within the spectacular Margret River Region in West Australia. If you ever make it over to West Australia the Olive Oils Soap Factory is one of the many places to visit. If you or any member of your family have any skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis. Then you should try out some or their products, they are all chemical free organic products. Just letting you know that I am not getting paid for recommending the Olive Oil Soap Factory's products, I just think they are well worth trying out.

Unlike the Soap Factory there are some family care products out there that claim to be all natural but really are not. To be able to spot the true green organic products from the fake ones, there are a few things you need to do. First before you buy a product read the ingredients label, if you can only make out a couple of natural and organic ingredients and they are at the end of the list, then it is not an all natural organic product.

If a products ingredients are certified organic then the labelling should tell you. A certified organic product is required to name it's organic certified body, so check for the name or logo.

When purchasing family care products for your family you need to know which harmful ingredients to avoid. Some of the main ones to avoid are:

Diazolidinyl urea and Imidazolidinyl urea is a common ingredient in body and skin care products. These preservatives are synthetic and can cause eye, nose and throat irritations. It also releases a toxic chemical called formaldehyde that is a human carcinogen.

Phthalates are ultra-toxic is nomally found in hair sprays, deodorants, nail polish and fragrances. Phthalates can possibly cause hormone and reproductive damage as well it can aggrivate allergies and irritate the skin.

Parabens are highly toxic and are used in most cosmetics, some of the parabens are methyl, butyl and propyl. There has been research on these parabens and it is suggested that they may be linked to the development of breast cancer. Parabens can also course skin allergies and rashes.

Sulfates are toxic synthetic cleansers, they have been linked to causing depression, respiratory difficulties, eye damage, hair loss and extreme skin rashes.

Do the right thing by your family and the environment by staying away from products containing these types of chemicals and only use natural organic products. If you are unsure of what is in a product just contact the company and ask them what the ingredient is. If their product is 100% natural organic they will happily give you the information you need. But if they give you the run around or do not give you a straight answer then I would have reservations if their product is natural organic.



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