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From what I have researched at the moment fully electric cars are not really viable yet unless you are only driving in the city on short trips. I have included below some figures on how far an electric car will travel under different conditions.

The new Nissan Leaf was named 2011 World Car of the year and will travel around 138 miles on a sunny day (68 degrees) and if you are travelling at only 38 mile per hour.

In suburban traffic, driving around the speed of 24 miles an hour. You can expect to travel 105 miles and that is without the driving lights, radio, aircon or heater on.

If you are travelling in slow heavy traffic and have your air-condition on (86 degrees and 6 mph on average) your Battery will last 47 miles. But if you are travelling on the highway (95 degrees and 55 mph) and the aircon on your range will be about 70 miles.

If you are driving at winter in stop and go traffic (14 degrees and 15 mph) your range will be about 62 miles.


electric car


With the Nissan Leaf there is a pre heat or pre cool option while you are recharging the battery. This means that on a cold day or hot day you are able to heat or cool the inside of your car while it is charging. By doing this it can save battery power by needing to use the heater or aircon less.

You will not get much better battery life with any other electric car so if you only need a car for short distances like shopping, going to work, taking the kids to sport practice then the electric car is for you. But if need to be travelling long distances or do a lot of city driving all day then a hybrid car would be best. Once the battery has lost power you can switch over to gas.

Price of the Nissen LEAF

$32,780 or $349 on a 3-year Nissan Lease for the SV

$33,720 or $379 lease for the SL

$7,500 federal tax credit + state incentives make this car an attractive buy

8 year / 100,000 mile drive system and lithium-ion battery warranty

One other thing to remember is that the drive system and battery warranty is only good for 8 years or 100,000 miles. At this time until technology improves with electric car battery systems. To replace the lithium-ion battery is around half the price of the car, so you will potentially be looking at around $16,000 every 100,000 miles. The battery may last longer, but you will have to take this into consideration. Can you afford to pay $16,000 every 8 years or 100,000 mile. You will have to consider this with all electric cars.



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