Green Backyard

Owning a house in a low rain fall area makes it sometimes very difficult to have a nice green lawn.  With water restrictions and the high price of water now which will continue to rise in price makes it even harder.
Not to worry though, there some good ways to have a nice green environmentally friendly backyard.



The most important thing is to choose the correct grass and plants for the area that you live in. There is no point in having a lawn and plants that require a large amount of water if you live in a low rain fall area. This link extension.oregonstate will take you to a site which will inform you on the correct lawn seed and plants for your area.

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  • Compost
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  • Native Animals

Green Lawns

Now that you have an environmentally friendly garden, you now need the right equipment to maintain it looking amazing. There are plenty of environmentally friendly lawn mowers out there to choose from. You can choose from an electric lawn mower to a push lawn mower. My personal choice is the push lawn mower due to being the most environmentally friendly one.
They come in all different sizes and prices, so you will have to make a decision on what you can afford and which one is best for your needs. Not only are push mowers fantastic for the environment, but they are much lighter and easier to push than traditional gas-powered lawn mowers. This will make mowing your lawn a lot quicker, which is something I like because I hate mowing.
Another reason to own a push mower is that they are much safer, when you stop pushing the blades stop turning. Unlike the conventional gas-powered lawn mower which blades keep turning until you shut the lawn mower down. So you can now get the kids involved in mowing your lawns.
There is another reason to use a push lawn mower, it is very quiet so you can cut your lawn anytime you want. You do not have to worry about noise pollution like you do with gas-powered lawn mowers. You no longer have to purchase motor oil, gasoline or even take it in for a tune up and service. Which will save you a lot of money over the years.


Green Lawn Mowers pdf

lawn Mower


Lawn Mower

Drip System

Drip systems are a fantastic way of saving water, money and time. Once you have installed your automatic drip system there will be no getting up in the morning to water your garden. You will be able to sleep in on the weekends while your automatic drip system does the watering for you. No more asking your nabours or friends to water your garden while you are on holidays.

Drip System

Drip Irrigation Made Easy

Basic Home Garden Drip Irrigation System

Rain Water Tanks pdf



Compost is a fantastic way to help the environment and keep your garden looking great. It will save you money in the long run by needing less water for your garden. This will also help all our lakes and rivers by removing less water. I hope the information in the below pdf's will help you with a great compost that will give you the best looking garden in your street.


Mulching for free pdf

Maintaining a Compost Heap pdf

School Composting




Landscaping is a fantastic way of drought proofing your garden, saving water and making it an environmentally and wildlife friendly garden. It will also make you garden a fun and educational place for your kids to play in.

If you live in a low rain fall area there are plenty of really nice green shrubs and bushes that don't need very much water to survive. These types of plants are fantastic to include in your new landscape garden. Landscaping when done correctly can provide you with privacy, cool shade on hot summer days and protection from the wind on those windy days.

Landscape Design

Natural Landscaping

Basic Principles of Landscape Design

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency


Attracting Native Animals

Making a wildlife habitat in your garden can be great fun, for yourself and the kids. By turning your garden into a wildlife habitat, it will teach your children about our native animals. you can include the kids in attracting all sorts of wildlife. You can show the kids How to Make Bird Feeders out of plastic soft drink bottles. It’s a fantastic way of getting the kids away from the computers and out side to enjoy the fresh air and to learn about our wildlife.

You can include the kids in going to your local garden store to pick out native plants. By growing native plants is a good way of attracting all different kinds of native animals to your garden.

Another fun way of enjoying your environment friendly backyard wildlife habitat is to join the National Wildlife Federation. By joining you will be able to register your backyard as an official Certified Wildlife Habitat. You and your kids will be able to proudly post images on the web site of your garden and all the amazing wildlife that your family are caring for.





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